What is Online Fitness Coaching?

Online fitness training or online personal training is a rapidly growing trend in the health and fitness industry. It’s a great way to get expert advice and training help without having to hang around a PT on the gym floor. 

Thanks to smartphone technology, you can be a click away from your training workouts as well as your online coach. 

Online fitness coaching is great for those with limited time, those wanting to train from home or those just in need of a little workout inspiration! 

So what is online fitness coaching?

Quite simply, it’s a way of receiving all your fitness and nutrition information from an online coach – usually a PT or fitness nutritionist. As well as personalized training programs, lots of online coaches (myself included) are using apps and technology to help track, develop and progress their online clients. 

Work out anywhere!

Low cost

Track and record your workouts

Advice just a call or click away

Apps like Trainerize and my PT Hub allow clients to check in for their workouts, record every rep and set they perform as well message their trainer through the app directly. They usually come with a huge video library of exercises so you can double check the exercise movement and technique before you begin. 

What does online coaching give you?

All online fitness coaches and trainers have different coaching methods but generally follow the same path initially. My training gives you a completely unique program to follow. It is unique in that it works around the information you provide to me in your initial client questionnaire. No one client has ever been the same so neither have any of my programs. I take into account whatever equipment my client has available, where they want to train (home, gym, park etc) as well as how often they are looking to train. 

When it comes to nutrition and eating I don’t prescribe meal or diet plans (only registered dieticians can do this and also its important you take control of what you do or don’t eat!) What I do is help you and sometimes keep an eye on your calorie intake as well as advise tasty meal recipes you can use. 

With my online coaching, it’s up to you how much communication and input you have from me as your coach. My basic coaching plans use Whatsapp and email whereas my more premium coaching plans include unlimited app based messaging, a weekly Skype or phone call as well as time set aside to review and discuss your training and progress every week. 

How my fitness training works

For my fitness coaching, I use an app called Trainerize. It allows me to custom build client programs that they log as they complete as well as being able to record their body weight stats and progress photos.

Below are the main steps you would take as my online client. 


After choosing your online plan, I will send you a health and fitness questionnaire for you to fill out. This will be the base for creating your unique training plan. 

Email, Skype or Phone Call

Once you have returned your questionnaire to me, I will schedule to have a quick chat. This can be via Whatsapp, email, Skype or through an old fashioned phone call. I will use the call to introduce myself and to understand a bit more about you. 

App Setup and Login

For those who choose to use my app to help track and record their progress I will send you a link for you to download and set up your own personal login in. 

Delivery of Custom Training Program

I use all the information from your questionnaire and intro chat to create your custom program. For those using the app, you will be able to access the plans there and for those who aren’t, you will receive you plan via email for you to download and print. 

Ongoing Contact and Progress Reviews

Now you have your plan, it is up to you to work through it! For those using the app, check in and record your workouts for me to see! 

For both of us, the journey has just begun so I will monitor and advise you as you work though your training. 

Who would benefit from online fitness coaching?

Online coaching won’t suit everybody but for the majority of people, having that expert guidance and on hand communication will hugely benefit and progress their fitness training. 

Scheduling isn’t an issue with online coaching as you work when and where you want! If your days are really busy, the time you have to workout is important so make the most of it by working through your structured program. Unlike a regular gym workout, you can split your training up to suit your lifestlye. For example, rather than a rushed hour in the gym, you could split your training in to 4 or 5 20 minute workouts throughout the week. 

It might take a bit of experimenting to get your routine in place (ie. switching morning workouts to the evening to ensure they get done) but I tailor the workouts to your schedule!


The beauty with the internet is that there is such a wide variety of expertise available to you! If you are looking for a niche skill or specific knowledge you have the ability to connect with loads of options. It might take a bit of research to find the right coach for you but don’t worry, they are out there!

For the travelling business person or gap year explorer there is still no excuse not to keep up with your health and fitness. When I create your workout program I factor in your limited availability to equipment and time constraints. No don’t need fancy kit or big gyms to keep fit so there are no excuses 😉 

Being a PT I can confirm that using an online fitness coach is a fraction of the cost of working with a personal trainer very week. With an online coach, you still get the training workouts and PT guidance but at a more affordable price. 

You might just be after a bit of fitness guidance to confirm you are doing the right exercises with the correct techniques. Or simply after some knowledge of exercises. With my online coaching, you get access to a huge library of exercises for you to try!

Sometimes you feel your body is not progressing or that you just don’t feel satisfied after your workouts. You may have hit a fitness plateau… Online fitness coaching can re-energise your training by setting you on a more progressive routine and even spice up the way you train. 

Don’t have access to a gym or personal trainer? Not a worry! I grew up in rural Scotland so understand that for some, access to a gym and fitness professional just isn’t possible. Online fitness coaching eliminates the need for a gym or meeting with a PT by providing you with the workout program you need to achieve your fitness goals. 

Home based training is becoming more popular with lots of people having access to a decent amount of equipment (kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands etc) so why not save money from your gym membership and the cost of travelling back and forth. 

With my online fitness training, I will design a program around what you have available (time and equipment wise) to ensure you still get a good workout! It’s a myth that you need loads of space and lots of fancy kit to keep fit. Of course, the more equipment you have, the more varied your workouts can be!

Who might NOT benefit from online fitness coaching?

Online fitness coaching is of course not for everyone! It does have it’s limitations that you should consider before signing up with an online coach. 

MOTIVATION: – If you struggle to find the time to work out and be active, online fitness training may not be your solution. If you often need help to get yourself motivated for a session then you need a live face to face PT to keep you on track

FEEDBACK & CORRECTIONS: – Without someone watching you smash through your reps and sets, its often hard to make sure you are performing the correct movements and to keep good body posture. 

PATIENCE: – If you are a bit impatient, especially when it comes to physical results you may not find the steady and progressive nature of online fitness coaching to your needs. 

Overall, if you are a motivated quick learning self starter then online fitness coaching might just be the missing piece of your puzzle. If you often need that nudge to get you working to your potential or guidance and reassurance on your technique then maybe consider doing a trial period before you commit fully to an online fitness program. 

Ready to get training?

Seen enough and ready to get involved? Click the link below to choose a training plan that suits you and i’ll be in touch to organise a time to chat and discuss your questionnaire as I work towards creating your own unique fitness program. 

Download my FREE home, gym or park based workouts

Why not give these workouts a go?! FREE to download and print so give them a try 🙂 

Home Workout: 30 Minute Abs Blast

Gym Workout: Legs, Bums and Tums Session

Park Workout:
40 Minute Outdoor Circuit

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