Online PT is the ONLY way Forward: COVID, Lockdown & Social Distancing

It’s been a while since I’ve touched base with everyone on here and this seems like the perfect time to check in and see how everyone’s doing?
It’s been an uncertain time for lots of different industries and the fitness industry is no exception.
As it’s become clearer the world we live in isn’t going to snap back to the one we know considering modifying our routines and regimes is something we have all had to do and will continue to do as more normality comes back to our lives.
That is why I have had to consider the sustainability of the fitness training I provide and create something that has longevity after the pandemic has passed. 

Taking PT online

Since April, I have adapted my training by taking it online. Online video calls via FaceTime and Skype as well as putting more emphasis on my fitness app that I use to create and track clients fitness programs. 

The simplicity of this set up for both me and my clients has amazed me! I log on a few minutes before the session to check connection, sound and visuals. Then I call my client and blast out a 30 – 40 minute session before we de-brief and both click off. 

My setup means that current clients get quick and direct access to me whenever they want it.

Blending online PT with app trackable workouts

Online Fitness
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A major difference between being a personal trainer at David Lloyd and being an online fitness coach has been the interaction with my clients. 

On a normal week, I would see my clients once, twice maybe three times if I’m lucky. Beyond the realms of the gym however I wouldn’t often have much control of what my client does outside of our sessions. 

By blending online PT sessions with a custom written program, I’m interacting with my clients most days. Either during our sessions on FaceTime or when they are using my fitness app to track and record their workouts i’ve set for them. 

A safe, affordable and sustainable future

Particulary with the uncertainty of re-opening gyms, my current client base all want to make this a lifestyle change for them and continue with Online PT.
All my plans can be altered to suit your needs and we can adapt to use as little or as much equipment as you want or have. 
Alongside the changes to the training a lot of clients over the past two months have expressed  more interest in mobility, stretching and rehabilitation so I have diversified my skill set into these areas to provide more knowledge and help.

Stay Safe and Stay Active! 

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