5 Things to Prep Before an Online PT Session

Getting your routine fitness session in is being made easier with online PT sessions. You don’t even need to leave the house to blast out a quick HIIT session! 

Make the most of your online session by prepping these 5 things.

Your Fitness Space

Make sure you've cleared enough space for those Jumping Jacks or Burpees! Keep your space simple and give yourself a decent amount of room to work with just on the off chance your trainer decides to throw in a few Ice Skaters.



Make sure you have a glass of water or bottle to hand. I often keep mine just out of shot to give me that extra bit of recovery when I take a sip. No need for fancy shakes or energy drinks, simple old fashioned tap water will keeo you hydrated!


Just check what equipment you might need for your session. I always message my clients 30 minutes before the session starts to let them know if we need anything. Normally it might be a chair or the fitness mat.

Music or a Speaker

I always feel a bit of background music keeps you motivated and gives your fitness space a bit of atmosphere. It's great to keep it to background noise so you can hear the trainers instructions.

A Towel

Quite self explanatory but hopefully your hard work will translate into sweat (and maybe a few tears) Also a useful accessory when you do some post session stretching.

Fancy Giving Online PT a Go?

It’s such an easy and sustainable way to keep yourself fit. I keep the sessions simple and short which helps to keep you motivated and working hard. I offer both Online PT sessions (via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype) as well as Personal Fitness Programs (app based). 

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