‘When Will the Gyms Re-Open?!’ – Don’t Delay your Fitness Journey – Online PT – Start NOW!

It’s the question we all want answered but there still hasn’t been any confirmed information on when UK gyms will reopen.

Even when gyms are allowed to reopen it’s becoming apparent things won’t return to the way they were pre-lockdown.

With talk of limited capacity, 2m between equipment and temperature checks at the door being imposed, the gym experience will be totally different to what we know.

Surveys have implied that when gyms are open again not all members will resume their membership and we can see why!

Lockdown and the closure of gyms has been a time for us all to adapt our fitness regimes and alter how/where and when we exercise. 

On top of this it has inspired a lot of people to take up new forms of exercise and even start exercising all together.

Whether it being swapping the gym treadmill for road running or swapping your gym classes for an IGTV (Instagram Live Video) from a fitness blogger, we have all found ways of modifying our routine. 

Fitness related apps such as Strava have seen an increase in customers and people are finding new ways to inspire and motivate themselves.

Self-motivation and imagination is not something that comes naturally to all of us when it comes to fitness training and even if it does sometimes it’s nice to receive extra enthusiasm, creativity and encouragement a Personal Trainer brings.

Luckily just because gyms aren’t open and Lockdown is still in place, that doesn’t mean your training has to stop.  Active Rebel can provide an online virtual training experience that can provide everything you need to start, maintain, or advance your fitness. 

Here are some of the perks of online training:


  • PT sessions done via Facetime, Skype, Zoom or any video calling option of your choice.
  • No need for equipment
  • Quick Blasts
  • Sustainable ways to progress
  • Long term goals and programs
  • Personalised sessions
  • App trackable
  • Train wherever and whenever

Active Rebel is taking on clients right NOW so you don’t need to delay starting your journey! Head over to my Online Personal Training page for more information on what is on offer and pricing to pick a pricing plan that suits you. I honestly believe the flexibility and results of the Online Personal Training will convert you and you won’t be needing that gym membership.

Stay safe and stay active everyone! 


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