My Fitness Journey: 4 (great) Unexpected Changes to My Routine

My COVID-19 Fitness Changes

Coronavirus and the subsequent UK lock-down has changed everyone’s day to day lives forever. The Post-COVID world will be adapting to the ‘new normal’… whatever that means. 

A lot of PT blogs cover their amazing clients and how hard well they are doing. Don’t get me wrong, my clients are AMAZING and are WORKING REALLY HARD but today is a quick insight into what’s changed for me and my fitness routine during this odd time. 

Strava and Running

I’ve re-discovered a love for running. Not that I ever hated it but it was only something I would only do as part of my rugby or army training. I’ve discovered that I’m by no means the best, but certainly not the worst! the fitness tracking app Strava has helped with that as I have competed against myself but also other runners who have run the same routes and ‘segments’. I’ve gone as far to buy some Salomon Trail Trainers.

Meal Prep

If one thing I love, it’s food! Lockdown has re-invigorated the passion for trying new recipes. My day pretty much has no time constraints so there is no need to rush on prepping a meal. I’ve also been able to get into a routine with breakfast, lunch and dinner to help improve my metabolism and make sure I’ve digested my food before bed. No more 4:30am starts, no 11pm finishes so thanks lockdown (i guess). 

Lack of Commuting

I’m lucky, I’ve never had a long commute for any of the jobs I’ve had. I have had early morning starts and late night finishes so for me, making the most of home time vs work time is crucial. So far, training from home has been amazing!! I have been able to log on 5 minutes before I see a client and then when I’m done, i’m already where I want to be. It’s allowed me to really take care of my clients programming and session planning. I love having the ‘office’ just downstairs!

Adapting My Workouts

When lock-down came into force, I had a set of kettlebells, a mat and a few resistance bands. Granted that’s a lot more that others had but it’s a lot less than a gym! I’ve had to tailor my own routines to the equipment I have. I already knew but lock-down has reinforced that big weights, big plates, big bars aren’t everything! You can build real, useful physical strength just using body weight exercises!

Kettlebell and Yoga Mat

It’s an uncertain and turbulent time for the gym and fitness industry. I’ve managed (so you definitely can) to make positive adaptions to my lifestyle to make sure I am getting the right work-life balance. 

I hope you found this info positive 😃 Wishing everyone a safe and active day! 

Nathan @Active-Rebel

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