Some of my most frequently asked questions and answers.

Online PT

It’s everything we would do in the gym and more. Only thing is that we will train virtually using FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

If your exercise regime is non existent or simply going stale, it might be time to get in touch. We will work together to set achievable fitness goals and I will be there motivating you every step of the way. 

Absolutely! I would say that Online PT is so much more immersive and interactive with clients that it’s hard to deviate from your fitness goal. 

That’s up to you. The great thing is that you can train whenever you want. All you need is a bit of space and wifi/4G.

Early riser? no worries, hop out of bed 2 minutes before the session. 

Prefer the evening? Not a worry, log on after work and blast out your session then!

Just like when, it’s up to you where we train! From your home, on a beach when you’re on holiday… As long as you have a bit of space and access to the internet or 4G we can smash out a session anywhere!

It’s up to you but I offer a variety of training options so you could train every day and do something different.

For long term fitness goals I would recommend seeing me at least three times a week.

You pay for training up front. You can pay via bank transfer or I can send you an email invoice that will allow you to pay online.

You don’t need a thing. It of course helps if you have your own bits of equipment but we can do most forms of training with either limited or no equipment. 

It’s all up to you and the information you give us during the consultation. If there are exercises you can’t do or don’t like we will adapt our training accordingly. Most of the exercises involve limited or no equipment. 

Not at all! All you need to do is let me know when works for you.

It depends on what your fitness goal is and the style of training we will be doing (eg. HIIT, Resistance, Core Strength). Normally however, I like to keep things short and sweet so around 35 – 45 minutes.

Absolutely. Get your partner, spouse, husband, friends and family involved. The more people the better! 

It means you can all share in the fitness experience which will help make your journey easier and more fun.

Personalised Fitness Program

Quite simply, it’s a fitness program written by me that targets your specific fitness goal. The program is app based so all you do is log in on the app and follow the instructions. You can record every set, rep and PB as you go along. 

I will update your program every Monday to ensure you progress.

Definitely! It’s all done via an app that will help you every stage of the way.

I can message and prompt you through the app to ensure you are getting the best out of your training.

When you decide to start your fitness journey with me, I will ask you a few questions about your basic fitness goals to start off. 

I will the get you on the app which will ask you more in depth fitness goal questions. 

I would hope that as you progress, your goals will change so I will keep your program updated to every goal you are striving for!

Nope. In fact, I will schedule rest or stretch days into your program to ensure your body is getting enough recovery. 


If you are doing PT sessions alongside me, its FREE! I include it as part of your training if you buy 10+ sessions at a time with me.

I will set up a program for you to run a minimum of 2 months. After that, it is done on a rolling monthly basis. The cost per month is £40. This includes:

  • Weekly session revisions on a Monday
  • App tracking 
  • 2 way in app communication
  • Smart watch linking (for steps, calories etc)
  • Fully bespoke program based around your lifestyle and fitness goals 

Yes you can. You can print off your entire program or individual workouts. 

You can also see and print a full history of your training activity including your PB’s and achievements. 

Nope, you don’t need anything. I can create a program based around basic household items (sofa, chair, water bottles etc) so you don’t need anything.

However, if you do have fitness equipment – I’ll ask about this when I do your consultation – I can add exercises involving that equipment into your training. 

Just a few to make sure things run smoothly. 

Online PT & Personalised Fitness Programs T&C’s