Muay Thai Fitness

Looking to get fit through martial arts?

Muay Thai, is a combat sport that originated in Thailand. It is an explosive full body workout that will improve your agility, speed, power and overall fitness. 

Our workouts involving kicking, blocking and punching will whip you into shape in no time! Muay Thai Fitness is great as it will burn calories and build muscle all at the same time. It really is a FULL BODY WORKOUT!

No matter your experience, we will teach you all the fundamentals and progress at a level suitable to you. 


Benefits of Muay Thai

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Increases Overall Core Strength

Muay Thai training is quick paced and draws on your core muscle groups to provide speed, strength, flexibility and power. It is the perfect blend of cardio, strength and endurance training!

A Great way to Learn Self-Defence

As well as the physical benefits of Muay Thai, the training is a great introduction to learning self-defence. The techniques are simple, effective and easy to learn! As your training progresses, your confidence will increase which is a vital factor when it comes to defending yourself.

What Do We Do During Our Sessions?

Our training isn’t just punching and kicking pads for an hour! There are of course elements of our training that will focus on padwork but our sessions will include:

Cardio exercises

Bodyweight workouts

H.I.I.T. and circuit training

Padwork designed at improving punching power, speed and accuracy

Striking with the elbows and knees

Padwork designed at improving kicking power, speed and accuracy

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Your Consultation

Begin your fitness journey by booking in for a FREE consultations. During this no-obligation chat we will discuss your current health and fitness as well as what you are wanting to achieve through working with a personal trainer. From there, if you decide that working with a PT is for you, we will design a workout program focused on the goals you are wanting to achieve. 

Prices & Options

We appreciate everyone has different fitness goals and budgets. Check out our range of training prices and package to find the one for you!