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It doesn’t matter if you are new to exercise or have your own workout routine, working alongside me will ensure you achieve your fitness goal. 

It’s no secret that you will need to work hard if you are going to see results, but by tailoring your workouts and program to your body type and fitness goals I will provide you with the tools to succeed. 

Your Training, Your Time

Because you are training from the comfort of your own home, I like to keep the workouts short and sweet. I plan every session individually both for variety and for progression. Below is a typical session plan for the different styles of training.

Weight Loss
Weight Loss

20 – 25 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training

10 – 15 minutes of core strengthening

5 – 10 minute cool down and static stretching

Core Image
Core Strengthening

10 – 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training

15 minute Ab BLAST

5 – 10 minute cool down and dynamic/static stretching

Strength Training

10 minutes of functional High Intensity Interval Training

25 minutes of focused resistance training

10 minute dynamic to static cool down and stretch

Knee Rehab

10 minute warm up and mobility training

20 minutes low impact strength training (Quads, Hamstrings, Calves)

10 – 15 minutes of range of movement tests and static stretching

Easy Setup

No need for equipment but anything you do have (weights, dumbbells, skipping rope etc) will be a bonus to your own training. 

At the time of your session, all you need to do is set yourself up in a bit of space to do your training. 

I will call you via you chosen method of video call (FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype are the most accessible).

At the end of your session, log off and straight in the shower! 

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You're In Charge

I love planning unique and varied workouts to do during our Online PT training but if you have a certain training method that you follow or has worked before, just let me know so I can incorporate it into your sessions. 

Prices & Packages

I appreciate everyone has different fitness goals and budgets. Check out the range of training prices and packages to find the one for you!