Personalised Fitness Plans

How It Works


You will be given a short health and fitness questionnaire to fill in. This and your intro chat (by email, phone, Whatsapp etc) will form the basis for your personal training program.

Training Program

Based around your questionnaire and intro chat, I design a fully bespoke training program for you to follow. It can be downloaded and printed or just followed and tracked on the app. 

App Login Details + Setup

Once signed up and sorted, you will receive a link allowing you to access and setup my fitness app. Once signed in, you can search through your workouts and will have on hand support through the in app messaging service. 

Exercise Library

Once you are all setup, you will have access to a huge library of exercises with video demonstrations and step by step instructions on how to perform them.  

On Hand Support

As well as an in app messaging service, you will have everything you need to keep in touch with me! 

Weekly Review

To ensure you continue to progress, I will to update your program every Monday. 

Simple Pricing

To keep things simple, my personalised online coaching program is one price and includes everything you need to get going! No need for add-ons or upgrades.

Personalised Fitness Program

£ 40
Per Month
  • Custom program designed for you
  • App trackable workouts
  • Use your phone or print off your workouts
  • In app messaging service for easy contact
  • Bi-weekly updates and program progressions
  • As much or as little help as you need
  • Record your personal bests
  • Record your body stats and upload progress photos
Great Value

Step 1

Get in touch to purchase your training plan. I’ll do a consultation with you to see what you are wanting to achieve

Step 2

Fill in your ParQ Form and Fitness & Lifestyle Questionnaire that comes with your confirmation email 

Step 3

Let me review your information and create your bespoke fitness program

Step 4

Book in for the delivery of your program (phone, email, Whatsapp, Skype) and then you are ready to go!

Your Program

Your program will be written for you and designed around your lifestyle. 

Your App

Check in and track your attendance

Explore your exercise library

Add body stats and progress photos

Stay connected with me

Ready to get started?

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